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vendor | 'vendәr' ven,dôr |


a person or company offering something for sale, especially a trader in the street: an Italian ice cream vendor.

most of the vendors on Main Street are participating in Saturday’s sidewalk sales: retailer, seller, dealer, trader, purveyor, storekeeper, shopkeeper, merchant; salesperson, supplier, peddler.

Crazy Churros – Mexican Desserts. Amish Barrel and Amish Baskets – Varieties of delicious candies like the ones you get at the Dutch store and hand-crafted baskets made by the Amish. L & J Candle Company – Homemade soy candles. Bittersweet Designs – Tasteful Prints, Antique Styled Jewelry, and home décor. Burritos Los Roy – Authentic Mexican foods, specializing in from scratch burritos. Celania’s All Things Old – A unique crafting business, everything is made from upcycled materials. Designed by Michelle – Handmade Jewelry and greeting cards. Scratch Filipino Cuisine – Authentic Filipino food. Skunk Rivers Home DécorMartha Soto – Homemade artwork. Kriss Uehling Pottery – Unique Handcrafted Stoneware, food, oven, and dishwasher safe. Little Diva – Clothing and accessory line made for your little Diva at home. Merrie Lawson-Smith – Elegant and Edgy Tile and Glass Artwork. Sally Sharp – unique artwork and jewelry. Designed by Orev – Hand-knitted clothing & apparel. Text Addict – Unique and Top Trending Books and Magazines. Two Eagles Native Designs – Handcrafted Dream Catchers, Walking Sticks, and Jewelry. Also, check out his new line of Essential Oil Blends.

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