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Operations Manager

Born in California and raised in Ottumwa, Shiloh has a strong interest in the arts and expanding cultural opportunities in Ottumwa. She spent time studying at the University of Iowa’s Department of Art & Art History, and currently is in progress toward her degree at Indian Hills Community College. She has served as an active volunteer for several community organizations – including Cardinal Schools, Promiseland Fest, and Raising Readers, SCORE, Main Street Ottumwa, Ottumwa International Festival & Diversity Committee. Before coming to the Market, Shiloh worked in banking, research marketing, and the hospitality industry. She is a mother of two boys.


Media Specialist

Born & raised in Ottumwa, Olson serves as the Markets media specialist. He has experience in graphic design, print design, web design & marketing. He spent time studying design & advertising at Iowa State University and graduated from Indian Hills with a degree in Interactive Media. He has also done work for multiple businesses around the Ottumwa area.


Head Bartender & Caterer

Brenda has 20+ years of experience in bartending. When you come to the Market she is sure to give you special treatment, a warm welcome & great service!



Jennifer is a bartender, mother of 2 beautiful girls & fun haver. Jennifers bubbly attitude and charismatic personality is sure to put you in the mood to have a great time.


Customer Service Representative

Elaine has been at the Market since it first opened. She is dedicated and timely. If you have any questions about the Market don’t hesitate to ask her.


Customer Service Representative

Mother of 2 rambunctious boys. You can find her at the information & cashier desk or bartending when you come to the Market. She has 10+ years in customer service.


Pizzaiolo (Pizza Maker)

Firman is a great big brother, pizzaiolo, recently became engaged & loves to travel. He is the Markets pizzaiolo. He aspires to own his own food truck & move to New Zealand.